Where can you deliver?

Theoretically, anywhere! In practice, most of our jobs are within 2 and half hours’ drive of our premises in Rotorua, and our travel fees are based on the distance we have to travel. We normally travel these larger distances for serviced functions, but can provide drop-offs too, we just have to limit the menus to food which will not deteriorate in quality during the travel time. We have catered functions as far as Cook’s Beach and Gisborne, so we’re not limited to the Bay of Plenty.

What’s the minimum number you can cater for?

It depends on the style of menu that you’re after, but in general we can provide our dinner-style menus for as few as 20 guests, and our lunch-style menus for as few as 4 guests. However, it is always worth enquiring if your catering requirements do not fall within these limits, as depending on circumstance we might be able to accommodate your request.

What’s the maximum number you can cater for?

The sky’s the limit! We’ve catered functions for guest numbers in the thousands, from plated dinners, to morning teas, to canapé evenings, to lunch packs, and we’re always ready for the next big challenge.

Do you have separate wedding menus?

No, any of our menus are available for wedding catering, and we try to dispel the myth that people hike up their prices when they hear there’s a wedding involved! Our pricing system remains the same regardless of the function we are catering for, so don’t be shy to gush about your special day!

How last minute can I order?

We ask for 48 hours’ notice, but always try our best to accommodate orders that come in with less notice than that. For larger functions, at least a week’s notice is appreciated, in order for us to organise our staffing, but again, we can be flexible if required.

What days are you closed?

We operate all year round, and are only closed on Christmas Day and Boxing Day.

Can I swap items from different menus?

Absolutely! We’re completely flexible with our menus, and can mix and match between them to build something to suit your tastes and budget. Also, if you can’t find a specific item that you’re looking for, it’s always worth enquiring anyway; we’re always happy to try out new ideas, just let us know what you’re after and we can look into it for you.

Do you have a walk-in ‘shop’?

No, but we’re based on the same premises as Fat Dog Café on Arawa Street. If you’d like to come in to discuss catering, just give us a call on 0800 CATERING or drop us an email at contactme@thecateringco.co.nz, and we can sort out a meeting.

Can you cater at any venue?

Yes! We are completely self-sufficient, and can provide our own gas-powered cooking equipment so have no need for access to electricity. Our requirements are somewhere to park our vehicles, a flat piece of land to set up (space needed depends on the menu), and preferably access to some water, but we can bring our own if this is not possible. We’ve catered in paddocks, on boats, in forests, and even 16m up in the air on a boardwalk!